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Thursday, 9 October 2014

and the next release on Work Them Records is...

The Outsiders' ep is out now, here is a small selection of dj feedback...

Marcel Dettman : “Played at Space, Ibiza last week”

Osunlade : “Diggin’ “Epiphany””

Radio Slave : "Another super good "Work Them" release and i'm playing every track. Looking forward to the vinyl, 10/10.

Jonas Kopp : “Support on this great EP”

Surgeon : “Like all 3 tracks, especially first 2”

Mr G : “Nice”

Ian Pooley : ""Golden Boy" is dope, will play it all the time"

Nick Höppner : “Splendid”

Ian Pooley : "Like it ! Especially first track"

Ed Davenport : “Lovely!! “Epiphany” is my fave ! Solid!!"

DJ Rolando : “Work Them Records does it again… “Golden Boy” and “Magic River” are both dope tracks”

Ryan Elliott : “LOVE this release”

Dustin Zahn : “Golden Boy” for this party boy"

Darko Esser : “Wow!! This is amazing!! My fav Work Them so far, and that says something”

Brendan Moeller : “Yeah, liking all of these. Support!"

Tom Dicicco : “Hard to pick a favourite, another solid release from Work Them"

Ben Sims : “”Golden Boy” and “Magic River” doing it for me"