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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Now let me see you WUUUUUUUUUURQ !

can't wait for this !!!  :)

Back on devils island, in July...

See you Thursday, in Thessaloniki...

July chart now live...

Fete De La Kimchique !

myself, radio gaga and Berghain's one and only, Boris (alongside a host of others), all threw a little party to celebrate the Fete De La Musique day here in Berlin, last week...

so here's a little pic of us all (unintentionally) pulling funny faces and one of Boris beatin' em down !
: )

Le Rex, C'est Chic !

so damn busy last week i forgot to post this rather stylish flyer for the Rex !
always love their artwork !


this past saturday i played for the Rekids night at Paris' legendary Rex Club, with Radio Slave and Molly. to celebrate this night and give something back to the crowds who come to see us - Radio Slave made an exclusive track called "Loose Joint" and myself and Molly each did our own remixes !

the track was pressed onto some rather lovely white vinyl, with a little splash of the french tricolor, and given away for free on saturday. it was ONLY available in a limited run of 200 and ONLY available to the crowd at Rex on saturday night.

if you weren't lucky enough to grab a vinyl, there will be a digital release sometime in the future...

you can hear what it sounds like, here :

Out Of Hand !

thanks to all who braved the elements on a very windy peckham rooftop !  :)
and special thanks to nic shonfeld for the great pics -

Sunday, 3 June 2012

That shit was CRAY !!!

thanks to all who came and danced in Leeds... hope it was hot/crazy enough for you...?
; )

See you soon, London...

Some records i like (June edition)...

Come and Dance Under The Blue Moon...

a couple of weeks ago, i was very honoured to be asked onto Anja Schneiders excellent Under The Blue Moon radio show, on Fritz FM, here in Berlin. the whole show was dedicated to my good self (!) with the first half being an interview and discussion of my career and the second half being a mix.

and you can check out the mix here :