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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


the latest release on my fledgling label is now in stock at my favourite record store...

vielen dank Hard Wax ! :)

N I N A !

very happy to see Ms. Kraviz supporting the latest release on my label...

Spasiba Nina ! :)

Panorama drama !

very excited to, once again, be invited to the legendary Panorama Bar, here in Berlin.

see y'all on Saturday October 5th...

Beats on Boat 2013...

this was a great party and lots of fun to play with Petre Inspirescu as well, many thanks to all those who came and danced...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

PROMOTE DIVERSITY @ BERGHAIN !!! (all berlin crew!!!)

VERY proud to be playing this event on thursday here in B town !

if you live in/close to berlin- please come down and show your support and lets show these fools what time it is !

Beats... on a boat !

looking forward to returning to Lyon and playing for the excellent Uncivil crew !!!

le rosbif arrive ! :)

Work Them 'til it's time to stop !

i'm very happy to say that the latest release on my Work Them Records label, is by none other than Radio Slave !!!

it's available in your local record store now and is being stocked by such esteemed shops as Hardwax (Berlin), Phonica (London), Clone (Rotterdam).

we even managed to squeeze some dj reactions out of some folks...

Efdemin (Dial/Ost Gut Ton) : Nice tool!

Roman Flugel (Playhouse/LARJ) : Simple & effective. sometimes it has to be that way.

Fred P (Soulpeople Music) : Nice One

D'Julz (Rex Club, Paris) : Spencer mix is massive

Bearweasel (Never Learnt) : Spencer nails it so well

Midland (Graded) : D.O.P.E

Mr. G (Rekids) : Bad remix...........

Paul Woolford (Houndstooth) : Oh my laaaaawd Spen's mix here is fucking banging, will be playing this loads. Thank you.

Nick Hoppner (Ost Gut Ton) : Yeah !

Truncate : I dig. Thanks

Mosca (Radio 1) : Can tell this one is set to become a bit of a classic...

Dana Ruh (Cocoon) : all great...will try them all this weekend!! Thank god i have them now!!! :-)))

Merci beaucoup !!!

i had a great time playing under the stars again (this time in Paris, with the always excellent Mr Ties)...

thanks to all those who came and danced, was a fun night !

Records i really, really like... (september edition)

you can view my RA chart, online HERE...

Zoo ! Good for you !

many thanks to all those who came to my last date of the summer at The Zoo Project in Ibiza, was a lot of fun, and always fun to play under the night sky...