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Friday, 28 March 2014

DJ reactions to the remixes of my "The Moment Not The Memory EP"...

DJ Deep : “Super Dope EP”

Ben UFO : “Like the Answer Code Request"

Danny Krivit : “I like the FIT remix”

DJ Rolando : “ACR remix is Dope!!! Going to play this out lots. Wow!!! The FIT remix is a thing of beauty - Absolutely LOVE IT!!!"

2562 : "FIT remix for me, I haven’t heard techno soul like that in quite a while, classicist yet refreshing"

Boris (Berghain) : “Great remixes!!!"

DVS1 : “Answer Code!”

Peter Van Hoesen : “I like the musicality of the FIT remix. This could be an epic set opener… or closer."

Rødhåd : “ACR remix sounds good"

Truncate : “Phat ACR remix!”

Jonas Kopp : “Very cool remixes”

Kirk Degiorgio : “Spacial” is a winner, Love the FIT remix too”

D’Julz : “Superb Answer Code Request remix, quality banger"

Ed Davenport : “Solid remixes- love FITs work on the strings, although the original is still the bomb”

Brothers Vibe : “Feelin’ it !”

Vince Watson (Planet E) : “Answer Code Request remix is SUBLIME”

Beaner : “These mixes are the dope sauce on my musical sundae”

John Osborn : “ACR! Great remix!”

Paul Woolford : “P.R.O.P.E.R. Thank you”

Mosca : "ACR remixes for me”

Eric Cloutier : “Both the remixes here are completely awesome. Loving this release"

Aaron FIT Siegel remixes my recent "Faster Forward" single...

Answer Code Request remixes my "Spacial" track...

Forward Disco (NYC) review remixes of my new EP...

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Hush House review remixes of my new EP...

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Beats and Beyond (UK) review remixes of my new EP...

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Soundwall (IT) review the remixes of my new EP...

Monday, 10 March 2014

DJ reactions to my new ep...

Jonas Kopp : “Always supporting this label”

Anthony Parasole : “Really nice release”

Josh Wink : “Nice release from Spencer on the on point WORK THEM”

DVS 1 : “Nice cuts”

Danny Krivit : “Alright Spencer!"

Kirk Degiorgio : “"Faster Forward" for me”

Mr G : “'Dam this is sooooo on the money for me"

Ripperton : “Faster Forward is BIIIIIIG”

Truncate : “”Spacial” is interesting… gonna try this one out, thanks"

Boris (Berghain) : “Great release!!!”

2562 : “Really liking “Faster Forward”

Brothers Vibe : “Dynamite release !!!”

Midland : “Big room madness. Me like”

Dustin Zahn : “Nice work on “Faster Forward” has a nice Detroit vibe to it with a little extra oomph"

D’Julz : “”Spacial” is nasty. Love it”

Pittsburgh Track Authority : “Sick release by Spencer. “Faster Forward” is one of PTA’s favourite tracks Spencer’s done"

Dan Beaumont (Dance Tunnel) : “Both tracks killer. Awesome release”

Ed Davenport : “Love “Faster Forward”.

Nubian Mindz (Delsin / Rush Hour) : “Mr Parker just kills it here. This one will be in the crate for many many years. My kind of music."

Vince Watson (Planet E) : “FF love the chords. Epic!”

Flori (Secretsundaze) : “Cracking stuff, love the contrast between the two sides”

Phillip Sherburne (Pitchfork) : “Beauty”

Krysko (Warehouse Project) : “Less is more unless more is not enough… A finely balances release of two solid rave tools"

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hard Wax knows what's up !!!

always happy to see my work on the shelves of my local store...

Pooley knows whats up !!!

big thanks to Ian Pooley for charting my new EP at number 1 in this new chart for Groove Magazine (DE)...