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Sunday, 11 May 2014

4Clubbers (UK) review my remix ep...

Spencer Parker’s Work Them imprint has quickly built a reputation for unreconstructed dance music that flits between house and techno, enlisting the likes of Dana Ruh, Pittsburgh Track Authority, S:VT and Radio Slave alongside original work from the Berlin-based DJ and producer. Following the label head’s EP in March, Parker enlists Patrick Graser and Aaron Siegel in their Answer Code Request and FIT guises to sprinkle their own dust over the thumping techno of Spacial and Faster Forward’s classic piano house leanings.

Spacial’s brooding, metallic techno is reworked by Answer Code Request to great effect in his Remix, toning down most aspects of Parker’s original with a modern techno cut full of warmth and energy. Filling the EQs with layered, effected synths and plump, muddled percs, it eases off the menace of the original, giving it a purposeful, relentless character. His ‘Loop Mix’ strips away the drums, giving the interweaved elements room to breathe.
The FIT Remix of ‘Faster Forward’ subverts the original’s house aethsetic into a shuffling, off-kilter mix that focuses on the piano and pads’ melodies and envelops them in broken percussive loops, adding a dream-like glow to its lofty intentions.