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Friday, 28 March 2014

DJ reactions to the remixes of my "The Moment Not The Memory EP"...

DJ Deep : “Super Dope EP”

Ben UFO : “Like the Answer Code Request"

Danny Krivit : “I like the FIT remix”

DJ Rolando : “ACR remix is Dope!!! Going to play this out lots. Wow!!! The FIT remix is a thing of beauty - Absolutely LOVE IT!!!"

2562 : "FIT remix for me, I haven’t heard techno soul like that in quite a while, classicist yet refreshing"

Boris (Berghain) : “Great remixes!!!"

DVS1 : “Answer Code!”

Peter Van Hoesen : “I like the musicality of the FIT remix. This could be an epic set opener… or closer."

Rødhåd : “ACR remix sounds good"

Truncate : “Phat ACR remix!”

Jonas Kopp : “Very cool remixes”

Kirk Degiorgio : “Spacial” is a winner, Love the FIT remix too”

D’Julz : “Superb Answer Code Request remix, quality banger"

Ed Davenport : “Solid remixes- love FITs work on the strings, although the original is still the bomb”

Brothers Vibe : “Feelin’ it !”

Vince Watson (Planet E) : “Answer Code Request remix is SUBLIME”

Beaner : “These mixes are the dope sauce on my musical sundae”

John Osborn : “ACR! Great remix!”

Paul Woolford : “P.R.O.P.E.R. Thank you”

Mosca : "ACR remixes for me”

Eric Cloutier : “Both the remixes here are completely awesome. Loving this release"