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Thursday, 18 July 2013

N I N E H O U R S ! ! !

many thanks to all those who came and danced to my recent closing set at Panorama Bar, Berlin.
Was a whole lot of fun - all 9 hours of it ! :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vive Le France !

looking forward to Glazart, in Paris, in August...

hope to see you there...

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Forza Roma !

grazie mille to everyone who came to see my play my (very busy !) Rome debut a couple of weeks ago, was a lot of fun !

see you back in italia soooooooon !



my latest SPN--->RMX is now in stores...

clone in holland have described it thus :

"Killer edit of Liz Torres - Don't Let Love Pass You By. And a bleepy Sheffield kind of track on the flip! Serious stuff! Tip!"

hope you can dig it too ! :)


bit thanks to Kristian from Ame for playing my remix of Miss Kittin at what looks to be a very full Innervisions party in Sonar this year...

also gotta give props to Dixon who has been playing it nearly every set for the last 3 months or so too !

you can see the guys in action, in Sonar, HERE

Change Yo Beat !

my new single on Work Them Records is out now !

big thanks to all my fellow dj's that are digging it too ! :)

Norm Talley :         
Nice Project!! Support!!

Laurent Garnier :     
2 good tracks

DVS1 :                    
Ryan is killing it with everything he touches lately...Nice one!!

Truncate :                
Ryan Elliott mix for me thnx

Untold :
Yeah the Ryan Elliot mix bangs!

Mr G :
Head down and dancing Ryan

Mosca :
Spencer OG for me thanks, simple rolling bigroom heat!

Mark E :
both really excellent

John Osborn :
nice package spencer! ;p will be playing both these jams!

Eric Cloutier (NYC) :
both of these are pretty outstanding and both have their own time, place, and purpose on the dancefloor. can't pick a winner!

Neville Watson :
Original for me all the way!!! Work Them shaping up to be a top label for me in 2013.

Nick Höppner :       
Oh, been waiting to hear this. Great job from both of you, gentlemen! Thanks!

Chris Duckenfield :
Pitch black business from Ryan,orig reminds me of Tribal label stuff, no bad thing

Dana Ruh :              
YEY!!! The boys know whats going on!! Playing it already... both!!!

Tsuba Power !

thanks to Jared Wilson for including my latest Tsuba single, "Show Him You're The One", on his recent podcast for Discogs...

you can check out the podcast, here...

La da di, la da da...

thanks to Neville Watson for rocking out the beats version of this in his recent set at Panorama Bar, here in Berlin. 

Always love hearing my records on that great system ! :)


my remixes of Miss Kittin's "What To Wear" are finally released on a limited edition white label !

you can buy it, here !

We sold out !

my new single, on my own label, Work Them Records, has already sold out at here in Germany, here's what they has to say about the release :

"Spencer Parkers first single on his own label, deftly channels Tenaglia/Vasquez era NYC and comes backed with a remix by Berghain/Panorama Bar resident, Ryan Elliott"

Records i really, really like (july edition)...

new RA chart is now live...

you can view it, here...

Feel the JOY !

Shout out to Joy Orbison for airing my latest single on Tsuba, in his set a couple weeks back at Panorama Bar, here in Berlin.

Vielen Dank !


big thanks to Knobs Magazine for the kind review of my new single on Work Them...

"Following a superb contribution from Pittsburgh Track Authority, Work Them Records returns with an instalment from label boss Spencer Parker backed with a remix from close friend, Ryan Elliott.

As usual with Work Them and Parker himself, ‘Change Yo Beat’ is uncomplicated, raw house music written for the dance floor and the remix from Ryan Elliott stays true to this ethic albeit in a stridently techno leaning manner.

Heavily road-tested by both artists as well as Truncate, DVS1, Mosca, Untold and Nick Höppner over the past few months, Spencer Parker’s ‘Change Yo Beat’ is released to the masses on 12” via Work Them on 1st July."