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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Change Yo Beat !

my new single on Work Them Records is out now !

big thanks to all my fellow dj's that are digging it too ! :)

Norm Talley :         
Nice Project!! Support!!

Laurent Garnier :     
2 good tracks

DVS1 :                    
Ryan is killing it with everything he touches lately...Nice one!!

Truncate :                
Ryan Elliott mix for me thnx

Untold :
Yeah the Ryan Elliot mix bangs!

Mr G :
Head down and dancing Ryan

Mosca :
Spencer OG for me thanks, simple rolling bigroom heat!

Mark E :
both really excellent

John Osborn :
nice package spencer! ;p will be playing both these jams!

Eric Cloutier (NYC) :
both of these are pretty outstanding and both have their own time, place, and purpose on the dancefloor. can't pick a winner!

Neville Watson :
Original for me all the way!!! Work Them shaping up to be a top label for me in 2013.

Nick Höppner :       
Oh, been waiting to hear this. Great job from both of you, gentlemen! Thanks!

Chris Duckenfield :
Pitch black business from Ryan,orig reminds me of Tribal label stuff, no bad thing

Dana Ruh :              
YEY!!! The boys know whats going on!! Playing it already... both!!!